Con Crud Adventures…

AVCon 2014 gave me a doozy of a viral infection =D

So, in the interim of having to cough up my lungs when trying to sleep, or for that matter walk around, and downing medicine that reminds me the cure is worse than having the affliction in the first place, Aurealis recieved three alt. colourations that I cannot decide on.

His current brown colouration is his identified winter one.  These three are more…summery I guess, and an open ended decision for me to have two suits built with the one stone XP

I have no idea which one to choose.  Rather fond of all of them, but would like some assistance in settling on just the one…I’m not made of that much money yet XD

A: Silver Grey
B: Red
C: Dark Blue


Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Carter USAF. 

One lady you do not piss off. 

"Manners, douchecanoe.  You have them, right?"

Much love for Lt. Col. Samantha Carter <3

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The Chronicles of Narnia filming…

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AVCon 2014 wrap-up

I had a few photos taken, mainly by an awesome family who only attended the Con today, some of my furry friends, a few ACG folks and by @partybirds - so nice to finally meetcha hun!  Hopefully see you again at ‘Nova 2014 C:

Still trying to track down the rest, as I know a few folks took more whilst I was alternating between trying to navigate the con and sleeping standing up (insomniac fo’ life yo XD!). 

AND I still got one “furfag” comment, and I replied it was “morally ironic” because he was hand-in-hand with his Nekomimi girlfriend. Please check what you’re sleeping with before you call me the “furfag”, sweetie <3  In any case, she slapped him for it, so s’all good >:3

Hubby bought me the last Princess Luna Plushie from the Gametraders booth, EEEEEE ^_^ <3  Luna is best pony! *ducks the inevitable cries of “NO SHE’S NOT!”*

(Photos by nicodemus-cain, partybirds & Reuel Albridge [SO FAR XD])






Here is a friend’s Fursuit.^^ Roxy the Rave Linx is her Fursona’s name. I’m not sure who made it, I’d have to contact her and ask.

The fursuiter maker is Apple Monster Studios =D

Roxy’s suit is adorable and argh, AMS makes such wonderful suits~!

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T-minus 8 hours…

1am, 20/07/2014.
I am off to bed before AVCon in the morning. 

For those of my followers in attendance, I will be the coyote wandering around in the army jacket, neon-coloured backpack (because Sam Axe attracts attention no matter what he does XD!) and leg holster.

See ya there!


I love this gryphon &lt;3

A Toucan-gryphon fursuit.I think my life has been made in an instant.  Those colours just make it pop so much more, and those digitigrade legs are just adorable =3&#8230;apologies.  Beautiful fursuit characters always grab my attention.  I love them all, and can only ever hope to inject that much life into the characters I own currently.Hee &lt;3


I love this gryphon <3

A Toucan-gryphon fursuit.
I think my life has been made in an instant.  Those colours just make it pop so much more, and those digitigrade legs are just adorable =3

…apologies.  Beautiful fursuit characters always grab my attention.  I love them all, and can only ever hope to inject that much life into the characters I own currently.

Hee <3

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This is our last charity raffle and we are donating to These specific donations will go to dogs in great need of medical attention:

But this raffle is different because we are giving out not 1 or 2, but 4 Fursuit heads! 

The first is an adorable otter by:

The second is a African Wild Dog by:

The third is a previously announced canine/foxby:

And finally a cute concept art guniea pigby:

We will post the WIP fursuit heads/Compelted fursuit heads the concept arts are based on ASAP!

Get pumped guys! Fursuit heads! Charity! Look out for our promo video at the end of the month. The Donation button link which is located here:

after donating please enter your name in our google docs spread sheet here! (would just really help us a lot in seeing how many folk donated!)

- Steampup

Last week to enter in our fursuit charity raffle. You have the chance to win one of the four fursuit heads above~! Please donate or PLEASE REBLOG!

Reblogging for those who haven’t donated yet =D

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Real-life ‘Star Trek’ medical tricoder project raises $1 million

The Scanadu Scout reads out your heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen level, respiratory rate, blood pressure, stress and electrocardiography in 10 seconds.


"Star Trek" fans may soon get a chance to have their own Dr. McCoy moment with the world’s first real-life medical tricorder, which will be available to the public soon thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $1 million for the Space Age technology.

Watch: Scanadu Scout Overview (Video)

On “Star Trek,” Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy used a medical tricorder to scan patients and immediately diagnose their ailments. While the new real-life version, called the Scanadu Scout, is missing some of the features of its science fiction counterpart — namely the ability to make internal scans and complex diagnoses — it still can be a handy device for medical checkups on the go.

Within about 10 seconds of pressing the Scanadu Scout to your forehead with thumb and forefinger, the tool reads out your heart rate, temperature, oximetry (blood oxygen level), respiratory rate, blood pressure, stress and electrocardiography (ECG).


"It’s the 21st-century version of the medical tricorder from ‘Star Trek,’” said Scanadu founder and CEO Walter de Brouwer. “Basically it has a complete emergency room in there — when you go to the emergency room and they hook you up, the same readings you get out of [the Scout]. It’s one more device out of ‘Star Trek’ that will see reality.”


About a month ago, Scanadu started a crowdfunding campaign for the device on Indiegogo, hoping to raise $100,000. As of Monday (June 24), the company had raised more than $1.18 million.


Shortly before the campaign’s one-month deadline, Scanadu decided to extend it for another month. The public now has until July 20 to order a first-generation Scanadu Scout for $199, before they are out in stores.

De Brouwer founded Scanadu out of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif. The Scout device even uses some real-life space technology, as its operating system, the 32-bit RTOS Micrium platform, was also used in the SAM instrument on NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity.


De Brouwer said his invention was inspired by “Star Trek,” and hopes over time the Scout will become more like the futuristic tool of the television series.

"If you look at the tricorder in Star Trek, it has four ideals: It is non-contact, it is non-cooperative — you may even be unconscious — it is non-sampling (doesn’t take a sample of blood) and it is non-invasive," de Brouwer told "The technology, probably in 10 years from now, will be built into our environment, so preventive medicine will almost disappear into the walls, into the fabric of our reality."


Early adopters of the Scanadu Scout will get to try the device out as an exploratory tool. In order to market the product as a medical device to the consumer market, the company will have to seek approval from the FDA. Scanadu plans to use experiences and data collected by its first customers to improve and understand the product in preparation for that stage.

"It’s great that you can have a customer who pays but is also a developer and thinks with you, and at the same time you make a planetary effort to make this device come out of a movie," de Brouwer said.

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What a boss



there may be a day I stop reblogging this, but today is not that day

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Magic is the new blonde.


That last one is SO PRETTY <3

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FR ramblings…

Told myself I wouldn’t spend any more treasure (was at 250k of 500k) on dragons until I’d gotten a skin + primary/secondary gene change for Artendru.

Yeah, that did not go well tonight…






*facepalms at her lack of willpower*

I am notoriously picky about buying hatchlings, but these babies, especially Gumdrop, caught my eye and I had to have them.

Oh well…pretty babies will come eventually <3

Thanks, work. 

I really didn’t need anything along the lines of confidence anymore than I need to be constantly condescended and treated as if I can’t handle the simplest task…because when I try to do my job, it’s “wrong”.  And apparently, in their terms, I should be yelled at and talked down in front of customers like I’m mentally retarded.

The Company’s HR thinks it’s workplace bullying and want to have it elevated to that status.  Having filed that sort of thing before and having to suffer four years of demoralisation at the hands of a workplace bully because the bitch’s daughter was so far up the upper eschelon chain of the company that every report I filed against her mother met with the shredder, they can forgive me for having no faith in them a second time around.

It’s like having to live on eating broken glass now. I can’t even do my job without feeling and being made to constantly feel as if I’m fucking worthless and I deserve to be treated like shit when I’m supposed to help customers, and when I do try and help someone, it’s “wrong” to spend over ten minutes with a customer now. Last I fucking checked, you helped the customer FIND their item even if it took you calling EVERY STORE IN THE STATE. You didn’t end up having to feed them the utter bullshit that they HAVE to rely on the fucking online store’s customer service line for “better assistance”.

I’m so over this flagship nonsense they keep pandering to our customers.  Fucking done with being treated like shit too…